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Postman Tasche
POSTMAN BAG - the Classic.
The Postman bag is a classic of it's kind!

Whether you decide for a natural Springbok skin or for the dyed skin version, this It-Bag guarantees to attract attention and offers a spacious and appropriate bag for the day-to-day use.

Springbockfell Tasche
SPRINGBOK HIDE BAG - the Allrounder.
The Springbok is a common South African antilope species and is wellknown for it's neat, shiny and soft fur.

Available in a natural colour or in a dyed trendy, exotic colour: This handbag is always appropriate!

Kuhfell Tasche
COW HIDE BAG - the Individual.

The South African Nguni guarantees you to have always a unique appearance:
No colours are the same, each Nguni has a unique grain-bag. There will be no second of it's kind. You get an absolute once-off!

Zebrafell Tasche
ZEBRA FUR BAG - the Extravagant.

You desire something special - wild, exotic and luxurious at the same time? Our Zebra handbags made of 100% genuine Zebra gameskin will display your exceptional taste and is a guaranteed eye-catcher!

Straussenleder Tasche

The quality of Ostrich leather is durable and flexible.
Either as a full Ostrich leather bag with the characteristic pimples - or: the Ostrich leather leg in croc-optic as a stylish element in combination with leather.

Ostrich leather handbags embody simple style and beauty!

ACCESSORIES - the Completion

Trendy Accessories to match your Handbag in design and colour - or simply as an Eyecatcher on it's own!
Cuffs, Wristbands, Necklaces made from Hide, Leather, Silk and Gemstones. The appropriate addition to your Outfit!

New Products For October

NALA Nguni
NALA Nguni
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