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Postman Tasche
POSTMAN BAG - the Classic.
The Postman bag is a classic of it's kind!

Whether you decide for a natural Springbok skin or for the dyed skin version, this It-Bag guarantees to attract attention and offers a spacious and appropriate bag for the day-to-day use.

Springbockfell Tasche
SPRINGBOK HIDE BAG - the Allrounder.
The Springbok is a common South African antilope species and is wellknown for it's neat, shiny and soft fur.

Available in a natural colour or in a dyed trendy, exotic colour: This handbag is always appropriate!

Kuhfell Tasche
COW HIDE BAG - the Individual.

The South African Nguni guarantees you to have always a unique appearance:
No colours are the same, each Nguni has a unique grain-bag. There will be no second of it's kind. You get an absolute once-off!

Zebrafell Tasche
ZEBRA FUR BAG - the Extravagant.

You desire something special - wild, exotic and luxurious at the same time? Our Zebra handbags made of 100% genuine Zebra gameskin will display your exceptional taste and is a guaranteed eye-catcher!

Straussenleder Tasche

The quality of Ostrich leather is durable and flexible.
Either as a full Ostrich leather bag with the characteristic pimples - or: the Ostrich leather leg in croc-optic as a stylish element in combination with leather.

Ostrich leather handbags embody simple style and beauty!

ACCESSORIES - the Completion

Trendy Accessories to match your Handbag in design and colour - or simply as an Eyecatcher on it's own!
Cuffs, Wristbands, Necklaces made from Hide, Leather, Silk and Gemstones. The appropriate addition to your Outfit!

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